Art Institute of Chicago - Gallery 136

11 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

The Art Institute of Chicago has a number of items taken from Tenochtitlan, most important among them is the Coronation Stone of Motecuhzoma II (Stone of the Five Suns). Moctezuma II was coronated as the Aztec (Mexica) ruler on July 15, 1503. His coronation stone marks this date and situates his rule within the Aztec’s cosmological understanding of the world. The coronation stone is on display in Gallery 136, alongside the Head of Xilonen, the Goddess of Young Maize and other artifacts taken from mesoamerica. On display in Gallery 136 you will also find Diego Rivera’s “Weaving” (1936), a painting of Indigenous Nahua weaver Luz Jimenez. 

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