First Nations Garden

North Pulaski Road and West Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630

The First Nations Garden was created by the Chi-Nations Youth Council on publicly-owned land in the Spring of 2019. The mission of the First Nations Garden is to provide a healing space for the Intertribal Native Community of Chicago, to promote public knowledge and appreciation of Chicago’s Indigenous landscape, native plants, gardens, and the environment. In the summer of 2020, the Chi-Nations Youth Council invited artists to paint twelve murals that now decorate the exterior fence of the garden. A number of the murals draw from Aztec (Mexica) and mesoamerican symbols and iconography - showing the way in which Chicago's urban Natives are in dialogue with Tenochtitlan. The First Nations Garden represents Indigenous-led resistance to colonization, and a furtherance of the Indigenous demand for Land Back.

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